About us

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You’ve heard what we offer at Toronto Mortgage House, but you don’t know about us as a business. Let’s change that!

Toronto Mortgage House specializes in the management of home mortgage loans in Ontario and Toronto. We make it a priority to know all the inner workings of home mortgage loans to give our customers the best deals possible. Toronto Mortgage House is a mortgage broker based in Toronto. Our staff will discuss with customers the needs, goals, and situation of that customer and choose the best products and mortgage rates in Toronto based on that information. Unlike many other businesses that will make you figure things out, we help you make an educated decision.

How can we do this?

Surely, by now, you’re wondering how we are able to offer such high-quality service. Well, one of the main ways we are able to bring you the best deals is by doing business with mortgage lenders who aren’t spread out in branched throughout the whole of Canada. Low overhead is generally offered by those sorts of lenders, and they focus specifically on offering home mortgage loans. One of the best benefits of specializing in home mortgage loans is that these lenders can focus on you and offer lower rates. Our years of experience allow us to know the ins and outs of the business, allowing us to negotiate the right mortgage deal that is best for you. All of us at Toronto Mortgage House are more than happy to take the burden off of you and hunt and fight for the mortgage deal that fits you best.