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Do to some financial misfortune we could not keep up on our payments much longer. Toronto Mortgage House saved us from losing our house. They were always available day or night and certainly sensitive to our needs as I truly believe this is a great struggle for a lot of people to keep their homes. They did an outstanding job in the quickest amount of time, and after shopping around, found us a great loan with the perfect interest rate for us. The closing was very quick and since refinancing through them we now have a mortgage payment that we can hand comfortably. This wouldn’t have happened without them.
Lynn Streeter
Thank you for everything. Your help was much appriciated and the process was very easy. I got approved just the other day and I’m very satisfied with my rate.
Michael Cook
I recently closed on a mortgage with your company and prior to closing I had spent almost a year trying to remortgage my home, which was required after my divorce. The inability to remortgage would have forced me to sell my home which I did not want to do. I had inquired at a local bank, credit union and various mortgage companies. All of them stated that for various reasons, they could not help me. I was very discouraged until I inquired at Toronto Mortgage House. Not only did you show an empathy and genuine concern for my situation, but you helped me obtain the loan that I desperately needed that other lenders couldn’t fulfill. I can’t thank you enough for enabling me to keep my home.